• Saw Palmetto Extract
Name:Saw Palmetto Extract
Botanical Source:Serenoa repens.
Part Used:Fruit
Extraction Method:Supercritical extraction
Assay:Total Fatty Acid: 90 (oil) Total Fatty Acid: 45 (Powder) Total Fatty Acid: 25 (Powder)

Product Description

                 Product name: Saw Palmetto Extract
                 Botanical Source: Serenoa repens.
                 Part Used: Fruit
                 Identification: A Thin-layer chromatography
                                       B Examine the chromatograms obtained in the assay of total fatty acid
                  Assay: Total Fatty Acid: 90% (oil)
                              Total Fatty Acid: 45% (Powder)
                              Total Fatty Acid: 25% (Powder)
                          Saw palmetto extract is a popular ingredient in the dietary supplements field 

                   used for normalizing prostate function and relieving lower urinary tract symptoms 

                   (e.g., inability to void urine) related to benign prostatic hyperplasia.  

                           The 2015 HerbalGram Herb Market Report ranked saw palmetto products among 

                  the 20 top-selling herbal supplements in both mainstream and natural retail outlets in the United States. 

   GC Figure:

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