Research and Development

We are stronger in R&D. We develop the most effective and specific botanical ingredients for the food, Nutraceutical and beverage industries, and combine the characteristics of each plant with our own scientific research to develop the optimal formulation efficiently.

With 15 R&D staff making 30% of all employees in corporate headquarter, of which there are 2 Ph.D.s and 13 Masters, this confident and energetic team covers multiple fields of separation, synthesis, fermentation, Pharmacy and Nutrition, etc.

Our lab is equipped with advanced devices such as ceramic membrane separator, mid-pressure column separator, ELSD detector, fluorescence detector and much common equipment consists of high-performance liquid and gas chromatographs, etc.


Research result

Developed Konjac Glucomannan new production method and realized commercialization.
Patent Application No. 201010078760.1

Developed Red Clover Extract with extracted method, gathering isoflavone from Red Clover.
Patent Application No. 201203012466.x

Removal technique of pesticide residue applied in Panax Ginseng Extract
Patent Application No. 201309177736.4
Removal technique of ash content applied in Echinacea Purpurea Extract
Patent Application No. 201312537225.1

Developed new production method applied in Water Soluble Lutein.
Patent Application No. 201511776113.2

Developed Valerian Root Extract with new method.

Developed Saw Palmetto Extract with Cyclodextrin inclusion technique.

Developed new method increasing content of Rhodiola Rosea Extract.
Patent Application No. 201901236157.4