• Turmeric Extract
Name:Turmeric Extract
Botanical Source:Curcuma longa linn.
Part Used:Root
Extraction Solvents:Ethanol
Identification:TLC & HPLC
Assay:Total Curcuminoids 10-95

Product Description


                Product name:  Turmeric Extract

                Botanical Source: Curcuma longa linn.

                Part Used: Root

                Extraction Solvents: Ethanol 

                Identification: Thin-layer chromatographic identification test and HPLC

                Appearance:Yellow powder

                Assay: Total Curcuminoids 10%-95%

                Indications: Turmeric may be useful for people with inflammation or joint pain, 

                                   or for those who want to take antioxidants, which turmeric contains. 

                                   Turmeric is also purported to treat heartburn, stomach ulcers, gallstones,

                                   allergies, diabetes,  Alzheimer's disease, depression, wounds and eczema.

                                   Some claim turmeric can aid digestion and regulate menstruation.            

                  Ralated Products: Water Soluble Curcumin  
                                              Curcumin Granule
                                              Turmeric Powder


               HPLC Figure:

Turmeric Extract.png


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