• Red Clover Extract
Name:Red Clover Extract
Botanical Source:Trifolium pratensel L
Part Used:Flowered stems and leaves
Extraction Solvents:Ethanol & Water
Assay:8、40 by HPLC

Product Description

          Product name:  Red Clover Extract
          Botanical Source: Trifolium pratensel L
          Part Used: Flowered stems and leaves
          Extraction Solvents: Ethanol & Water
          Identification: Thin-layer chromatographic identification test and HPLC
          Assay: 8%、40% Isoflavones, by HPLC         

          Appearance:Brownish green to dark green powder

          Red clover is considered to be one of the richest sources of isoflavones, 

          these isoflavones can be used to treat menopause,  hot flushes, cardiovascular 

          health and bone loss. However, an actual protective action in humans remains to

          be demonstrated. In the meantime, Red Clover is valued for its ability to loosen phlegm 

          and calm bronchial spasms.

        HPLC Figure:

<a href=Red Clover Extract_副本.png" src="/data/attachment/upload/image/20200120/1579525544819841.png"/>

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