What’s matcha powder?

Matcha powder is a type of green tea powder that is made from finely ground and processed green tea leaves. It is a traditional Japanese tea and is known for its vibrant green color and unique flavor. Matcha is made from shade-grown tea leaves, which are carefully harvested, steamed, dried, and then ground into a fine powder.

The process of shading the tea plants for several weeks before harvest helps to increase the chlorophyll content in the leaves, giving matcha its distinctive green color. It also enhances the production of amino acids, particularly L-theanine, which contributes to matcha’s umami flavor and the calming, alertness-promoting effects often associated with it.

Matcha is often used in Japanese tea ceremonies, where it is whisked with hot water to create a frothy and slightly bitter beverage. It is also used in various culinary applications, such as in baking, making matcha-flavored desserts, and even in savory dishes.

Due to its health benefits and unique taste, matcha has gained popularity worldwide and is used in a variety of drinks and recipes beyond traditional Japanese tea preparation. It is often considered to be a healthy beverage because it is rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. Matcha is also known for its potential to provide a focused and calm energy boost due to the combination of caffeine and L-theanine.

Keep in mind that the quality of matcha can vary, with higher-quality matcha generally having a more vibrant green color, a smoother texture, and a sweeter, less bitter taste. When purchasing matcha, it’s important to choose a reliable source to ensure you get the best quality product.

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